Rosh Hashanah

Dinner and Service

Date: Friday, September 18, 2020 

Time: 6:00 PM 

Location: Executive Caterers at Landerhaven

6111 Landerhaven Drive, Mayfield Heights, OH, 44124

Experience Details

6:00 PM Welcome and Leisurely Dinner
7:30 PM Service led by Rabbi Rosie Haim and Chuck Fink

followed by Oneg

Welcome the Jewish New Year 5781. We gather at 6:00 pm for the annual reunion of the Jewish people, and join come together for the holiday blessings and dinner. The celebration continues with the Rosh Hashanah service and Oneg.


Celebrating Jewish Life was founded on the principle that the social and the sacred nature of Judaism go hand-in-hand. It is our peoplehood and religious traditions that defines us.  As we address the challenges and opportunities before us, we do so with a sense of caring and concern for one another, and with hopeful anticipation of being together again in whatever way will be comfortable for you.


Starting with the High Holy Days, we will be in the majestic space of Landerhaven’s Grand Ball Room which seats over 1,000 at tables and can easily accommodate us with social distancing. We will exercise caution as we enter and maintain mask and hand sanitizing practices.  In order to prevent people walking around without masks, after you register, you’ll be invited to proceed leisurely to the tables in the large ballroom.  Our tables will be social distanced, and at each table we’ll allow for family units to be seated together, or you can identify if you’re comfortable with sharing a table with another family unit. (We will seat only four to five people at any table.)  After dinner, rather than move to rows of seats, we will remain at the tables, replace our masks and continue with the service. Our inspiring music and the sounding of the shofar will be arranged to maintain appropriate guidelines. I think this will minimize confusion and help us to keep our safety standards at the necessary level while we pray together.


Arrangements have also been made for live streaming or virtual models to accommodate varying scenarios so that friends at home can join with us. Dinner pick-ups will be made available for those at home.


Please be assured that we will respond to the changing circumstances as necessary.  We invite you to participate in whatever way you are comfortable.  The most important thing is that we celebrate together!