Shabbat Shavuot

Service and Dinner
Shavuot Shabbat Experience Details

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Shavout with Celebrating Jewish Life

Date: Friday, May 14, 2021 

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: Acacia Reservation

26899 Cedar Road

Lyndhurst, OH 44124

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Experience Details

6:00 PM Welcome time to rekindle friendships and Joyous Holiday Service led by Rabbi Rosie Haim and Cantor Laurel Barr
7:00 PM Delicious Dinner followed by Oneg and a peaceful walk in the park.

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Celebrating Jewish Life will begin to gather as a community by joining together again in body and spirit on Friday, May 14th  at 6pm at Acacia Reservation, Lyndhurst.

This year we have many things to celebrate in our collective conscience:

Yom HaAtzmaut--Israel’s 73rd birthday

The Festival of Shavuot—the Giving of the Ten Commandments

Our own gratitude for our rebirth from the pandemic.

Why I think we should try physically getting together? To the best of my knowledge, everyone in our Celebrating Jewish Life family has been fully vaccinated.  While you may not have gone into a restaurant for dinner yet, this may be the worthy reason for you to try a carefully crafted model where we know everyone is looking out for each other’s health and welfare and will be respectful of each other’s space and concerns.  I have been consulting with physicians in our community about this plan and will  continue to do so.  As you know, the covid situation remains fluid.  If their advice changes and precludes our being physically together, we have the pick-up dinner and Zoom option to fall back on.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!  After you have considered all the options, please let me know which may best suit your needs at this time by using this unique to this experience RSVP link 

Here is how our gathering will work:

Everyone will enter wearing a mask that covers their nose and mouth –and not remove it until it is time to eat dinner.

We will come together for the service at 6pm where you will be seated in the following arrangement of your choice.  

This venue has three options for your comfort level: (Please God—no rain, otherwise only the first two)

The inside will be set up with tables spaced six feet apart and will only have seating for five to six people at each table allowing for space between households.

The covered outdoor patio will be set with tables spaced six feet apart and will have seating for four to six people.

There is a lawn area (think Blossom) where you bring a picnic blanket or bring your own lawn chairs and a small table.

Additional accommodations:

  1. If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of removing your mask for dinner, you can come for the service and take your boxed dinner home.

  2. If you’d like, you can also enjoy the service on Zoom and then pick up your boxed dinner closer to 7pm and take it home.

When the service is over, you’ll be called by table to pick up your dinner in a box from the buffet tables in your area and then return to your table.  Please no removal of mask until you have returned to your table (i.e. no eating or drinking while walking or socializing).

The boxed dinner will be a lovely salad with your choice of chicken or salmon, or veggie.  We are doing a more simple dinner so that there is limited interaction with the servers. There will be the opportunity to get a glass of wine.

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