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About Us

Celebrating Jewish Life is a subscription series of six festive holiday experiences engaging adults in ways that revitalize the Jewish spirit and reconnect them to the Jewish community.


Each experience is centered around building community and honoring our Jewish heritage in its season by enjoying a lovely dinner together and celebrating the holiday festivities.


Celebrating Jewish Life was created to engage adults seeking ways to find greater meaning, identity, and purpose in their Jewish experiences. It’s for people who are unaffiliated or who wish to enrich their other Jewish involvements. Celebrating Jewish Life creates an opportunity for anyone to be involved in Jewish holiday experiences, especially empty-nesters, full-lifers, millennials, boomers, and retirees.


In these dynamic communal gatherings, participants can interact, meet new friends and network, and feel bound to Jewish culture and deepen their spiritual engagement all while celebrating the various Jewish holidays in elegant and exciting venues around Cleveland.


Celebrating Jewish Life seeks to identify, recapture and create Jewish leaders for their families and to engage with Jewish organizations as it expands relationships and partnerships with other community and nationally-based organizations such as Jewish Federation of Cleveland, AIPAC, Israel Bonds and Jewish National Fund.


The Celebrating Jewish Life subscription series is $625 per person and includes all six services, programs, and dinners. Meals are kosher style; vegetarian options are available.  If subscribers want to invite a friend or guest, additional experiences are available at $125 each, or $100 each for guests ages 36 and under.


Celebrating Jewish Life subscribers are encouraged to offer the opportunity to join in the holiday experience to a family member or friend if unable to attend. Experiences are fully transferable but non-refundable.

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