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Chuck Fink

Chuck Fink

I never underestimate the power of music to penetrate the soul, or its capacity to engage and impact, communicate and connect people and hearts. I see myself as a catalyst or musical messenger. So in this spirit, I created “Ruach on the Run!” with its slogan—“bringing the music of our People to you!”  Really though, it’s an extension of the work I’ve done all along, in terms of “taking it on the road” and sharing it with anyone who cares to listen.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an affinity for music and song. I was introduced to music early by my late parents (z”l). This lifelong appreciation of words and melody has become my calling and my pulpit.

I cut my musical teeth at the former UAHC Kutz Camp and as a song leader for various youth organizations and as the music specialist for summer camps.  As a cantorial soloist and song leader, I’ve been fortunate to have worked with several area congregations and religious schools, which has afforded me a unique perspective into the many ways Jews observe. I’ve assumed several “Tot Shabbat” posts over the years, and have come to be known affectionately as “Mr. Chuck”.

Additionally, I have developed a following as a solo-acoustic performer on the club and festival circuits, at celebrations and in retirement and nursing communities sharing my repertoire of American folk and pop music.  Pleasingly, I’ve inspired a number of people young and mature to take up guitar, even giving lessons to several, as well as mentoring aspiring song leaders.

How delighted I was when Rabbi Rosie reached out offering me the opportunity to worship and work alongside her once again—this time with you and the wonderful community she has created here. I’m proud to count Rosie as one of “my rabbis”— as a mentor, teacher, and friend, and a great resource for obscure Hebrew songs, I might not have learned were it not for her! 

And, finally—because I’m sure inquiring minds will want to know, I’m sure… I am unmarried, but I remain “still hopeful”, as ever. I do, however, have a terrific family—which includes my younger and wiser sister, my brother-in-law, and my two amazing and beautiful nieces. Chuck Fink  216-410-8111

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