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Rabbi Rosie Haim

Rabbi Rosie Haim headshot

As a rabbi in the Cleveland community for over thirty years, I’ve sought to instill a sense of Jewish pride, confidence, and connectedness in people of all ages by celebrating Jewish life together. I am passionate about creating meaningful and memorable opportunities to revitalize each person’s Jewish identity by engaging in spiritual, cultural, and communal experiences that enable a deeper connection to the tradition and to each other. Through powerful and positive opportunities that involve celebrating our Jewish life, I believe we can enrich our lives and reinvigorate the Jewish future.

In 2017, I created Celebrating Jewish Life to reach beyond the physical boundaries of institutional Judaism in dynamic venues where we can develop our Jewish commitments to each other, and to God and to strengthen our connections with each other in our Jewish community and with Israel. With joyous energy, creative worship experiences, and over delicious dinners, I hope you’ll rediscover the specialness of being Jewish in you, and share it with others.  

As an ordained rabbi from the Hebrew Union College in 1988, I am committed to social change that strengthens our Jewish identity and responds to the idea that we are responsible for one another. I believe that developing Jewish leadership within the family and community with an eye to the future is critical and requires that we stay connected to each other and contribute in a variety of different ways to deepen Jewish involvement. I hope to share some of my communal and national involvements with you so that together, we can strengthen the Jewish community, Israel, and our community at large.

I’m married to a native Clevelander, Marshall Barron, and we celebrate Jewish life with our daughter Shira Barron and son-in-law Adam Seltzer, and our extended Cleveland family.


We look forward to Celebrating Jewish Life with you too!

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