Car/e-nival Games 
Dinner and Megillah Reading
purim with Celebrating Jewish Life

Date: Sunday, February 21, 2021 

Time: 4:00-5:30 PM PURIM CAR/E-NIVAL and Dinner pick-up

         6:30 PM Megillah reading

Location: Greens of Lyndhurst

5690 Mayfield Rd

Lyndhurst, OH 44124

Experience Details

Our Purim celebration begins

4:00-5:30pm PURIM CAR/E-NIVAL at THE GREENS OF LYNDHURST.  5690 Mayfield Rd. Lyndhurst.

Games and Dinner Pick-up

Come in the main entrance across from Dairy Queen (Vashti) and immediately turn left to the side of the shopping center. You’ll see the fun starting there! Special thank you to Ron and LuAnne Fisher for the use of the bank and parking lot. It should take you ten minutes to “play the games” and pick-up your dinner.  

RSVP for Dinner—let me know if you need the veggie option, or if you have guests joining us.

Suggested times for your turn at the games and dinner pick-up so there is minimal back-up—based on your last name. 

A-G     4:00 pm

H-M    4:20 pm

N-S      4:40 pm

T-Z     5:00 pm

Closing Carnival and pick up at 5:30!


Here’s how the CAR/E-NIVAL will work: As always during this pandemic--



HAMAN’S LOTS—recalling that Haman gambled on our fate. Here you’ll receive a lot-tery ticket (get it?!) and a penny to scratch it with (in a baggy, so you can keep the shmutz from getting in your car).  Let’s see if you are a winner!$$! And we’ll post winners names on a poster board for all to see!

THE PURIM PARTIES—Need some GIN AND RUM-my. The megillah starts with King Ahashuarus throwing a party; Esther has several gatherings for the King and Haman to party as she sets up our cause; the Jews party at the end of the Megillah in celebration of Jewish survival yet again.  And remember you’re supposed to get so drunk on Purim that you mix up Blessed be Mordecai and cursed be Haman.  So let’s part-i-cipate! You’ll be given your own deck of cards so you can pick a card, any card to determine if you get Gin and tonic, or receive Rum and coke. Alternatively, if you’d prefer we’ll have non-alcoholic Bloody Mary/Esther mix—to remind you of the pageant of young maidens that Esther won to become queen and that our blood did not spill on Purim day.  Keep the cards for later and let the fun continue as you play Gin-Rummy and keep remembering that we are always Celebrating Jewish Life!

THE CARE-NIVAL—Show the world we care!

BE A HERO! Join Esther and Mordecai in being a hero for the Jewish people and a model for all people.  You’ll receive some costume props that you’ll want to keep because they’ll have suggestions of ways you can be a hero in our community –where to make donations, or what activities could help cheer up those in need.  We’ll take your picture of you in your “costume” and the pictures will be popping up during the Megillah reading Watch for yours and enjoy others! Let me know if you have any project ideas to share with the group.


THE FEAST!  What’s for dinner?!

THE LAST STATION IS WHERE YOU WILL pick-up your festive thematic dinner creatively catered by Around Downtown Catering and Davis Bakery!  Haman’s triangular hat is featured in the grilled cheese appetizer on cinnamon raisin bread with caramelized apples. Followed by chicken soup and triangular kreplach to warm you up.  Queen Esther had to be a vegetarian in the  Persian palace so we’ll enjoy one of her favorites-- a Mediterranean lentil salad with a lemon vinaigrette dressing.  Mordecai thought we should drink and rejoice so the Israeli brisket braised in wine with pistachio gremolata will do the trick.  Citrus grilled salmon for those of you who prefer a vegetarian option.  Roasted baby potatoes and grilled and roasted veggies remind us of the heat in that part of the world.  And no Purim meal would be complete without Hamantashen! We’re supporting local friends who are preparing some fun foods for us to enjoy while we listen to the Megillah.

(Let’s say you are in a hurry, and just want to pick up the feast, you may skip the games and go straight to that part of the carnival.)


GO HOME!  For the 6:30 PM MEGILLAH READING.  Join Cantor Laurel Barr and me along with you-- our friends as we read and sing through the highlights of the Megillah.  Enjoy some delightful SPOOFS ON FAMILIAR BEATLES SONGS (a nod to the new book The Last Days of John Lennon, by James Patterson).  Prior to our evening of celebration, you’ll each receive a few verses to read in your most creative voices--you can play with them as you wish—wear a mask—cover the eyes, not the nose and mouth as your costume.  Make it fun! (If you are unable to participate in the Megillah reading, please email me back ahead of time if possible, so I will know not to call on you. BUT remember ZOOM allows you to play along from anywhere!) Get your groggers ready—find a pot and a spoon, or a noisy box of goodies in your pantry.

Make sure you have your Gin-Rummy-Esther drink in hand for a l’haim—a To Life celebration! And be ready to nosh a hamantashen for your dessert as we hang out together for an oneg and sing more silly songs at the end.

Continue the celebration on the actual Purim holiday which begins the eve of February 25 by offering friends Mishloach manot--sending portions/goody bags, and remember those in need with Matanot l’evyonim--gifts to the poor.